Joint Venture Established by Baykar Defence and Ukrainian Company

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019 Update: September 09, 2019

A joint venture (JV) in the field of high-precision weapons and aerospace technologies was established between Baykar Defence, a Turkish defence industry company and Ukrspetskport of the Ukrainian state defence company Ukroboronprom. It was stated by the Ukrainian National Defence and Security Committee that the joint venture would operate in the field of high-precision weapons and aerospace technologies and would bring together the defence capacities of both countries to produce new modern weapon systems for their armies.

One of the first projects of the JV will be to develop a new generation of UAVs. The project aims to develop a UAV that can conduct detailed reconnaissance flights at high attitudes, fly long hours, have significant acceleration capabilities, and attack a wide range of high-precision weapons. 

Bayraktar TB2 UAVs purchased from Ukraine by Turkey had been delivered a while ago and the tests had been successfully performed. During part of his visit to Turkey on August 7, Ukraine President Vladimir ZELENSKİY visited the National Armed-UAV Systems Manufacturing and R&D facilities.