Kale Arge General Manager Cüneyt KENGER: “The KTJ-1750 is an exceptional engine on a global scale in terms of its weight, size, and thrust.”

Date: Issue 123 - July 2023 Update: February 28, 2024

Defence Turkey: The KTJ-1750 Turbojet engine, specifically designed for the ÇAKIR Cruise Missile and proven successful in its initial firing test last May, along with the KTJ-3200 engine developed with national resources, are making their first appearance at an international exhibition, the Paris Air Show 2023. What level of interest are the engines attracting at the exhibition?

Cüneyt KENGER: We are showcasing our KTJ-3200 and KTJ-1750 engines at this exhibition. As you may know, the KTJ-3200 engine is already in serial production, while the KTJ-1750 engine, though still under development, has already undergone a successful flight, proving its capabilities swiftly. Being well-known in the industry, our engines have garnered significant interest, drawing numerous foreign companies to our booth within the exhibition's first two days. Both engines cater to specific needs in their respective fields and categories. Notably, the KTJ-1750 stands out as an exceptional engine on a global scale, meeting a specialized demand within its class concerning weight, size, and thrust. As a result, we are attracting considerable attention at the exhibition.