“Kasırga” 302mm Multi Barrel Rocket System Delivery to Turkish Armed Forces

Issue 72 - March 2017

The first manufacturing of the 302 mm Missile and Weapon System used against land targets has been completed.

With the participation of National Defense Minister Mr. Fikri Işık; the Launching Vehicle, Carrying-Loading Vehicle, Command Vehicle and 302 mm Rockets were delivered to 58th Artillery Brigade Commander Brigadier Aykut Tonbul by Roketsan General Manager Mr. Selçuk Yaşar during the delivery ceremony held on November 18, 2016 at Roketsan facilities.

At his speech during the delivery ceremony, Minister of National Defense Mr. Fikri Işık said that they visited Roketsan and had the opportunity to examine the projects they carried out. “We delivered the “Kasırga” Missile System, which was initiated by our Ministry and conducted by Roketsan, to the Turkish Armed Forces. Our defense technologies developed by the Turkish engineers with domestic and national facilities give fear to the enemy, trust to the friend”. 

The 302 mm Missile and Weapon System, designed and developed by Roketsan using national means and capabilities, has the ability to fire critical point targets from 30 km to 120 km in a compact and effective manner thanks to its high hit and destroy capability. With these superior capabilities, the 302 mm Missile and Weapon System aims to provide excellent fire support to the Turkish Armed Forces by providing timely, accurate and high fire power to their maneuvering units.