KILAVUZ Radio Frequency Signal Analysis System

Date: Issue 108 - July 2021

The International ANATOLIAN PHOENIX-2021 Exercise was held at the 3rd Main Jet Base in Konya between May 24 and June 04, 2021, with the participation of Azerbaijan, Qatar, TRNC, and Turkish Air Force elements. During the exercise, one of the domestic design products that was caught in the lense of our writer Cem DOĞUT was the KILAVUZ Radio Frequency Signal Analysis System (RF SAS), which entered service in 2014.

In line with the needs of the Air Force Command (TurAF), the Radio Frequency Signal Analysis System (RF SAS) Development Project called 'KILAVUZ' was initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries R&D and Technology Management Department to develop a national system that will compare the radar and jamming signals emitted from hostile Electronic Warfare (EW) platforms, reveal the parameters of the jamming technique, and provide detailed information for analysis.