KNDS Successfully Tests New ASCALON 140mm Gun

Date: Issue 131 - June 2024

KNDS is actively working to demonstrate the maturity of ASCALON 140mm gun and its ammunition. The last firing campaign in May 2024 has shown the excellent capacities of the 140mm and 120mm barrels as well as the APFSDS rounds maturity. The ASCALON program includes several hundreds of firings of 120mm and 140mm barrels from May 2022 to December 2025. The next important step is firing tests from an MBT in 2025. 

KNDS demonstration included shooting with a 140mm ASCALON barrel followed by a quick change to a 120mm ASCALON barrel before new firing of 120mm ammunition. This campaign shows the possibility offered by the ASCALON concept to fit any barrel from 120 mm to 140 mm on a sole carriage in less than one hour.