Koc Information Group increases its activities in Defence

Koç Information Group, the leading group of companies in Turkish information technology sector, is accelerating its investments with a new purchase which will advance its

Issue 13 - December 2008

Koc Information Group, the leading company in development of information technologies in Turkey, carries on its activities with a new purchase that will focus the group more in public sector, especially in defense industry and expand its service portfolio. Kaletron, standing out with its know-how, experience and professional human resources specialized in simulation technologies, is joining Koç Information Group companies. Succeeded in many projects in simulation technologies, Kaletron will contribute to Koc Information and Defense Technologies’, a Koc Information Group company, competitive power in different fields of business with simulation technologies.

Koc Information Group, aiming to expand its efficiency in Turkish defense industry, assures its position in information technology field by Kaletron’s participation; the only company in Turkey that focuses merely on simulation technologies. Koç Information Group is also aiming to grow in domestic and oversea markets with Kaletron’s merge in.

“Our efficiency in defense industry will increase”
Kaletron is a high tech company that designs and develops virtual reality applications, simulation software, simulation systems and simulators for defense, aviation and aerospace, transportation and automotive industry said Mehmet Nalbanto?lu, president of Koc Information Group, and underlined that Kaletron is the only company in Turkey which’s only focus is simulation technologies.

“Turkey’s leading company in information technologies, Koc Information Group has taken an important step that is of great interest to the entire sector, to expand its service field in defense industry. From now on, Kaletron which is known by its proficiency in simulation field will be operating as a company of Koc Information Group. The purchase will increase our efficiency in defense industry and contribute to our group company, Koc Information and Defense Technologies’ competitive power in terms of a different field of business with simulation technologies.”

“Information technology grounds countless development opportunities for future as a necessity of the era. Proceeding with national capital since its establishment and with its 63 years background, Koç System and therefore, Koç Information Group have its sign on many successful projects. Information technology should be considered as a sector that provides opportunities for the future of Turkey. Information technology is crucially important in defense sector as it is important in other fields because strong science and technology capacity is truly a necessity of national defense and security. As a technology focused service and solution provider of defense industry, Koc Information and Defense Technologies, operating under the roof of Koc Information Group, agrees to provide national solutions with critical technologies by acting as an integrator in defense industry. We are aware of the necessity of national contribution for our country’s national defense and security and defense industry. The participation of Kaletron will increase our efficiency in defense sector.”

“We are planning to grow in domestic and oversea markets”
“Reducing Turkey’s dependence on foreign countries utmost by providing technology focused service and solutions, is one of our primary aims. We consider becoming a strong player and being able to compete globally is a national duty. “said Nalbanto?lu and stated that exporting technology, which is as important as developing and realizing systems, is a mission to be claimed for our country:

“When nationalization-domestic contribution” vision of Undersecretariat for Defense Industry is realized, National Defense Industry will be created properly in our country. This approach, will also contribute highly to the development of information technology and innovation in Turkey. We will be continuing to contribute to defense sector with new succeeding projects as in the example of Turkish Armed Forces’ Information System project that we held. We are preparing to take a critical role in simulation field in domestic market with the merge in of Kaletron. Our goal is to grow our share in domestic and oversea market.”

“We joined a strong family”
Tarcan Kiper, president of Kaletron, said a new period has started for Kaletron, they have reached an important stage in their successful work life and they will find the opportunity to improve their power and competency in the new period. Kiper stated that, Kaletron is the only company that focuses merely on simulation technologies and underlined it is a high-tech technology company that designs and produces virtual reality applications, simulation softwares, simulation systems and simulators for defense, aviation and aerospace, transportation and automotive industry.

Tarcan Kiper pointed that the aim of Kaletron is to become the leader simulation company in domestic market and to become a global supplier of high-tech products and services to the world in the near future. Kiper underlined that they have taken an important step to realize this goal and vision by participating in Koc Information Group and added:

“Kaletron joined Koc Information Group. We are proud to be part of this big family and we are more hopeful about the future. Kaletron gains Koc Information Group’s power and confidence with this participation, which is the leading company in information technologies in Turkey with its pioneering approaches, innovative products and services,.”

Koc Information Group is formed of Turkey’s leading information technology companies. The group acts as a leader in the development of information technology sector by defining new standards to professionalism with its pioneering approaches, innovative products and services. KocSistem, Turkey’s most rooted, leader company in information technology, Koc.net, determined to become the leading alternative telecommunications operator in Turkey, Koc Information and Defense Technologies, critical solution provider of defense industry sector taking the role of an integrator, Promena, consultancy service provider of procurement processes of companies to create substantial cost savings, Bilkom, the exclusive distributor of world’s leader Apple products in Turkey, TANI/Paro, the CRM service provider that realize customer satisfaction, loyalty projects for business partners, are in the technology companies of Koc Information Group.