LAWC-T Light Armored Weapon Carrier Concept

Date: Issue 43 - May 2013


The Light Armored Weapon Carrier Concept (LAWC-T) platform was developed by FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. to meet the requirements for a new agile armored combat vehicle that can be configured to meet many different mission requirements such as:  anti-armor, fire support and reconnaissance roles. The vehicle can be fitted with a variety of turrets/weapon stations depending on the customer’s requirements such as manned and unmanned turrets fitted with rapid firing cannons from 25-40mm, as well as Anti Armor (ATGM) turrets mounting a variety of missiles.  The vehicle is also ideally suited for missions such as Reconnaissance and Surveillance and can be integrated with elevated platforms fitted with state–of-the-art Thermal Imagers, Long Range CCD cameras and Laser Rangefinders, making the platform a dedicated reconnaissance vehicle. LAWC-T is a fully tracked, low silhouette vehicle. The power pack is located at the rear of the platform enabling the driver and commander to sit side by side in the front providing a very high level of local situation awareness and high field of view with the help of eight frontal periscopes. The rear power pack configuration also enables a low thermal and noise signature.