Leading UK Manufacturer Primetake Lands in Turkey

Issue 83

In light of the continued development of Turkey and UK relations, Primetake Ltd, a UK based manufacturer of high quality precision ammunition, is delighted to announce that it has arrived in Turkey and is now supplying products to professional users in the Turkish nation.  

Michael Vincent, Primetake’s Head of Sales explained that “Primetake is an exporter with nearly 30 years of experience and has a suite of outstanding ammunition solutions offering enhanced performance and effect, that has revolutionised the battlefield. Our dynamic and focused expansion has resulted in new contracts from around the world including Europe, the Middle and Far East as well as Australia and New Zealand and we are thrilled to have arrived here in Turkey which has been a strategically important development for us. We also welcome the continued support of the UK Government and we are delighted that it’s embassy has been invaluable in the recent months as we have secured our initial contracts. We believe that the time is right for us and our partners in Turkey to continue the development of relationships, expertise and of course business opportunities for our World Class range of munitions”.

The product range includes:

Omega Sniper Ammunition-     Class leading accuracy and effect, with the UNIQUE option of ballistically matching the round to the weapon system

Alpha Tactical 12Gauge Shotgun Ammunition                                                  A suite of products suitable for pump and semi auto tactical shotguns offering everything from breaching to irritant delivery 

Delta Operational Ammunition Specialist ammunition for the most demanding of users, from .300 Blackout to our enhanced effect 9mm Counter Terror rounds as well as many points between the Delta Operational range of ammunition is in use with many Counter Terror and Special Forces units across the World  

Pyrotechnic Devices                      From class leading distraction and stun grenades through to training and simulation products this range offers flexibility and enhanced capability

26.5 & 38mm Signal Cartridges A new range of signal cartridges offering class leading performance and reduced cost, as well as a wide range of colours the range is headed by an illumination round

12 Gauge Non-Lethal Bird Scaring rounds                                                             Already protecting many of the World largest commercial airports, this comprehensive range of products is also used to offer enhanced protection to air forces where airfields are hosting fast jets and other military aircraft

12 Gauge Anti Drone                       Offering A completely ‘man portable’ anti drone solution fired from a 12-gauge shotgun and with an accurate range in excess of 100m this completely NEW product range can effectively deal with the threat of drone incursions at a variety of locations requiring the minimum set up yet offering the maximum effect

Each product is tailored to a specific use, which allows our team of technical experts to maximise the performance of each round, giving the end user unrivalled accuracy and more importantly maximum effect. 

Bespoke Developments

Design, development and innovation are within our DNA, so we embrace the challenges that our customers set for us. As well as extensively working with the professional market we are also able to offer our technical capabilities to government organisations, and include a number of defence research institutes within our customer base. Working with these user groups, Primetake has developed products for specific requirements and situations and is ready and willing to discuss any specific end user requirements. 

In September 2018, Primetake is sponsoring the Bi Annual Sniper Symposium. The two-day event will focus on the future of sniping and gives attendees the chance to test out the full range of Primetake’s Omega Sniper Ammunition as well as meeting colleagues from some of the World’s best sniper units - a simply must attend event.  

For more information on Primetake’s extensive range of products visit www.primetake.com, or email Sales@primetake.com