Leonardo First to Market with Multi-Domain Electronic Warfare Simulation

Date: Issue 114 - July 2022

Leonardo has introduced Newton, a software product that simulates the latest threats to armed forces and the countermeasures they can take to improve survivability. Newton can be used to accelerate and validate the development of new electronic warfare (EW) technologies, tactics, and techniques. The virtual, physics-based environment allows new technologies to be digitally modeled and virtually tested in a true-to-life environment that replicates the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

Previously, simulations would only cover a single domain; however, modern conflicts are much more likely to involve air, land, naval, and even space forces in the same engagement. This is why the EW experts at Leonardo have assessed and evolved the company’s existing simulation software to bring it up to date. Newton will be continuously updated to ensure it remains in line with the multi-domain requirements of modern armed forces.