Leonardo Offers Comprehensive Security Solutions to Turkey

“We’re very keen to continue to support the security of the Turkish people across a wide range of areas. Building upon our international expertise and the best-practice projects we have already delivered in-country” said Leonardo’s SVP International Marketing and Strategic Campaigns Marco BURATTI to Defence Turkey Magazine

Issue 91

Defence Turkey: What will Leonardo’s focus be at IDEF 2019?

Marco BURATTI: Leonardo will be bringing some of our most iconic products to IDEF 2019, including our M-346 advanced trainer aircraft for next-generation fighter pilots and our well-known AW101 helicopter, a three-engine, medium/heavy, multi-role platform that is in currently in operation from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Importantly, we’ll also be taking the opportunity to present some of our most recent developments, such as our Counter – Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS or ‘counter-drone’) products.

Defence Turkey: Do you think your C-UAS solutions could be of value to customers in Turkey?

Marco BURATTI: We are aware that companies in Turkey have started to research and develop indigenous solutions in this area, however the threat won’t wait for these to mature malicious drone activity is a real and present danger today and we’re already seeing the chaos that drones can cause at major airports. When Gatwick and Heathrow airports in the UK faced suspicious drone activity, it was Leonardo’s Falcon Shield solution that was deployed by the Royal Air Force in response. Meanwhile, the Italian Army and Air Force are also securing their airspace with tailored Leonardo C-UAS products.

Defence Turkey:  So, there is not a single ‘one-fits-all’ C-UAV product?

Marco BURATTI: No, the needs of customers are too diverse for a single product configuration to properly cover such a range of requirements: customised solutions are essential. The system is based on an open architecture and can be tailored with different sensors and effectors depending on the operational requirements of a customer and the size of the facility they’re protecting. Leonardo can also go beyond security and provide added value in other, related areas, such as in Air Traffic Control/Management.

Defence Turkey: Leonardo has already provided solutions for Turkish air traffic control and maritime security, are there any other fields where your experience could be beneficial?

Marco BURATTI: It’s important that I note that Leonardo is able to provide security solutions in almost every field, whether that be critical infrastructure, oil and gas, major events or many others, and I’m referring to both physical and cyber security too. We have extremely strong credentials in the cyber security domain as NATO’s cyber defence mission partner: a relationship that was renewed recently in February when the NATO Communications and Information Agency awarded us a new 18-month contract enabling continuity in the delivery of cyber-incident detection and management capabilities.

Defence Turkey: Is there anything you would like to add?

Marco BURATTI: I’d just like to reinforce that Turkey is a well-established and valued partner for Leonardo and we’re expecting this relationship to grow ever stronger as we continue to provide a best-in-class portfolio of products and services in close partnership with Turkish customers and industry. For instance, when we offered our C-27J multi-mission airlifter to Turkey, we already had plans for continued investment in that product: now we’re delivering on those plans. I’m making reference of course to our new C-27J firefighting configuration which we launched last month. This further expands the range of roles that can be performed by the aircraft, cementing its position as the most advanced multi-mission aircraft available on the market today