Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM is on Offer to Protect Turkish Aircraft

Issue 77

Leonardo’s readily exportable ‘Miysis’ Directed Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) system protects airborne platforms from Infrared-guided weapons, especially the easily portable and widely available shoulder-launched weapons known as MANPADS. It is suitable for the full range of the Turkish Armed Forces and Government airborne platforms, from small helicopters to large jet aircraft, and it attracted a great deal of attention at IDEF’ 17 earlier this year when it was showcased on Leonardo’s exhibition stand.

MANPADS have become increasingly resistant to standard countermeasure such as decoy flares and, as such, the most effective defense from MANPADS is to directly attack them with a high power, multi-band, laser DIRCM system. Modern MANPADS can engage low signature threats from any aspect, meaning that DIRCM systems must now provide all-aspect protection. To counter this threat, Leonardo, as a global leader in the development, manufacture and support of airborne laser and electro-optic systems, has developed the Miysis DIRCM system, which provides high power, all-aspect protection against modern and legacy threats.

In this environment where MANPADS are widely used and flare technology has limitations against advanced and emerging threats, Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM System defines and demonstrates the level of protection needed for all airborne platforms. Miysis DIRCM builds upon the experience gained in delivering over 2000 pointer/trackers for the protection of over 50 rotary and fixed wing platform types.

Fully qualified and in production for our launch customer, the Miysis DIRCM has a high power, multi-band laser that delivers accurate rapid-jamming energy to defeat advanced IR MANPADS threats. While being smaller, lighter and drawing less power than other DIRCM systems on the market, the Miysis DIRCM system still offers the full spherical coverage required to counter advanced threats. With its modular open architecture design, Miysis also allows integration with in-service missile approach warner’s and EW self-protection systems.

Miysis has also been extensively tested with successful results. In 2014, the system was successfully demonstrated as part of the SALT II (Surface-to-Air Launch Trial II) live-fire trial hosted by FMV at Vidsel in Sweden. During the trial, witnessed by multinational VIPs, the production-standard Miysis DIRCM system successfully acquired and accurately tracked 100% of all live Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) missiles fired. In the same year, as part of NATO Trial EMBOW XIV, the Miysis DIRCM system autonomously acquired, tracked and jammed the trial test equipment on the ground. The results indicated that the Miysis DIRCM has the capability to jam Generation 1, 2 and 3 Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) using NATO jam codes.

Miysis is suitable for use on a wide range of air platforms, from small helicopters to large, wide-bodied transport aircraft. The Miysis DIRCM system has market-leading size, weight and power characteristics with no compromise of its proven self-protection jamming capability. The design utilizes the latest open architecture concepts, which allow it to be installed on an aircraft as a stand-alone DIRCM or integrated as part of a Defensive Aids System. Leonardo is Europe’s leader in airborne electronic warfare systems, with more aircraft protected by Leonardo products than any other European provider.