Leonardo to Supply the Next-Generation BSA Heavy Torpedo to the Italian Navy

Date: Issue 84 - August 2018

In June 2018 the Italian Navy has selected Leonardo’s Black Shark Advanced (BSA) Heavy Torpedoes to equip its Todaro Class U212A U212A 2nd Series AIP Submarines. The new torpedoes are expected to significantly improve the Italian Navy’s (ASW) anti-submarine combat capability. Leonardo also agreed to provide associated logistical support services as part of the agreement. 

The Black Shark Advanced is an evolution of the Black Shark heavy torpedo, already acquired by many countries including Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Portugal and Singapore. 

This latest version integrates an innovative energy production section that can be optimized, according to the use of the system, for training or operational purposes. When the BSA is used for training activities, a newly developed rechargeable battery is used that allows a higher number of launches - up to one hundred – compared to that of previous versions, providing significant cost savings. In the operational configuration, the BSA is equipped with an innovative battery that ensures an increase in capabilities and performance. The new solution also delivers a significant reduction in life cycle costs. 

Made in Italy at Leonardo’s Livorno plant, the Black Shark Advanced torpedo is an example of national excellence in the underwater defence sector and is the result of extensive and successful collaboration between the Italian Navy and industry.