Letter of Intent was Signed Between TAFF and SAAB

Date: Issue 35 - September 2012

SAAB, performing defence and security activities in Sweden and having net sales of 3.3 billion $ as of 2011 year-end with 13.000 personnel and TAFF (Turkish Armed Forces Foundation) having net sales of 1.8 billion $ as of 2011 year-end with 11.000 personnel reached a consensus on forming a cooperative platform with the suggestion of TAFF.

TAFF General Manager Hayrettin Uzun had the opportunity to convey his views for the establishment of a cooperation between SAAB and TAFF during his visit to SAAB CEO Hakan Buskhe between 17-21 September 2011 and proposed to sign a letter of intent in order to develop business and explore new business opportunities to third party countries as well as Turkish and Swedish domestic defence markets.