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LITEF – Safe into the future

April 01, 2021

The Freiburg-based company celebrates its 60th birthday and a new brand identity

Just in time for the company's 60th anniversary, the Freiburg-based technology company is giving itself a new image and at the same time starting a new chapter in its external presentation. LITEF already made the first present to itself a few days ago and launched a completely new website. 

"Over the past years and decades, LITEF has become an essential partner for inertial solutions in various markets. The company has become more professional, technologically significant and even more innovative also in its external and internal media appearance. The strength, self-confidence and professionalism of LITEF will be expressed in all our communication channels from 2021, for example on our new website, in relevant social networks and in the area of press relations," states Lutz Kampmann, Managing Director of LITEF

The new look of LITEF

In the future, the company will position itself more visibly and effectively in the market and would like to present itself in a more contemporary and modern way. LITEF is a brand that stands for maximum reliability, safety, quality and an innovative and dependable partner. The corporate design was modernised, the logo "refreshed" and marketing and communication measures were initiated. 

The defining element of the new corporate design is the "L": it acts as a visual opener to convey messages. The L-pattern symbolises support and visualises strength. LITEF therefore stands for a company whose solutions you can rely on.

Website with a new look

When looking at the new website at www.litef.com, the timeless and puristic design immediately catches the eye. However, it is not only the design that is important to the company, but also the user-friendliness. Thus, the intuitive and user-friendly navigation makes surfing the company's pages very easy. 

Those who want to learn more about the company and its technologies can click and read through the "Company" section as well as the individual product areas. The "Careers" section contains all the important information about apprenticeship, career entry and career opportunities at LITEF. Further information on service and support, current events or information for suppliers can also be found quickly and easily via the new website.

60 Years of LITEF

Since 1961, LITEF in Freiburg has been producing high-tech systems for positioning and navigation that have to meet the high demands of customers in the fields of defense, commercial aviation and industrial solutions. Here at LITEF, solutions in FOG and MEMS technology are developed and produced at the limit of what is technologically feasible, which also function reliably under extreme conditions. 

The LITEF brand stands for ITAR-free, inertial systems and sensors that have proven themselves in military applications, for safety-relevant inertial solutions in civil aviation and reliable and robust solutions for navigation and positioning of industrial machinery and equipment. 

"The demand for inertial sensors and navigation systems is growing steadily worldwide. These are good conditions for achieving our long-term growth targets. We are adapting our product portfolio to market requirements and will try to position ourselves correctly. With the technology projects already running, we are focusing on the topics of FOG, MEMS & sensor fusion. Here we have already set the right course for the future and will continue to be at the forefront of technology for the next 60 years," Lutz Kampmann is sure of this/that