Long-Term Cooperation Between Aselsan and TrTest

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Aselsan will take advantage of the services of Trtest for the testing and verification activities of the components used in its indigenously developed systems. The protocol regarding the cooperation was signed by Aselsan Chairman of the Board and CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN and Trtest General Manager Bilal AKTAŞ.

The scope of cooperation between Aselsan and Trtest: 

Test procedures will be established by Trtest for the products specified by Aselsan, in accordance with the related requirements.

Test activities will be performed and reported by TrTest in line with the test procedures prepared by Trtest and approved by Aselsan. 

Review, evaluation, control and/or verification will be provided by TrTest for the reports of the previous tests on products that were conducted by Aselsan and/or third parties.

A Certificate of Conformity will be issued by TrTest for the products, the tests of which are validated.