Malaysia AV8 8x8 Armored Wheeled Combat Vehicle Project of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.?. Goes In

The preliminary agreement signed at the IDEX Fair on 20 February 2011 between FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.?. and its Malaysian business partner DRB Hicom Defense Technologies Sdn Bhd. (DEFTECH) for th

Date: Issue 30 - October 2011

The vehicles to be developed, taking FNSS’s PARS 8x8 Armored Wheeled Combat Vehicle as a basis, will be redesigned and produced in Malaysia by FNSS and DEFTECH engineers bearing in mind the Malaysian Armed Forces requirements. Expected to be completed in 7 years, the first 2 years of the Project will see the completion of the production, testing and qualifications of 2 different prototype configured vehicles and subsequently its multiple production. The Project covers the technology transfer to DEFTECH and the sales rights to third countries after the vehicles are developed and manufactured. The Project also targets the further development of local design, development, production and logistic support capabilities of Malaysia for the armored wheeled combat vehicles. Within the Project’s coverage, FNSS will be responsible for vehicle development, the joint production of vehicle platforms, sub-system integration and system performance.

Covering 12 different configurations, the current cost of the 257 vehicles included in the development and manufacture of the 8x8 Armored Wheeled Combat Vehicle Project (AV8) is 559 million USD. As a result of the bilateral negotiations, the Project is expected to expand in the proceeding stages and top 600 million USD. As the biggest single defence system export contract for Turkey, the Project is a first for the Turkish defence industry.