MAM-L Developed by Roketsan Ahead of Its Rivals with Technology and Combat Experience

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Among the world’s top 100 defense industry companies, Roketsan continues to be noteworthy with new generation products that meet the needs of friendly and allied countries, especially the Turkish Armed Forces, with the technologies it has developed in line with the battle needs of today and the future. The Smart Micro Munition MAM-L changes the course of the battle and provides superiority on strike capabilities and is actively used in many unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) platforms, especially in TB2.

Roketsan was established in 1988 as per the Defense Industry Executive Committee’s decree for Turkey to have a leading institution in rocket and missile design, development, and production.  The company creates value for its stakeholders and employees with its national defense solutions, in line with the country’s target to become a global power. Roketsan, with its vision of “Becoming a leader in indigenous, reliable and cutting-edge rocket and missile solutions for the future of Turkey” is a leader in the defense industry with the game changing technologies it develops.  

MAM-L, a member of the Smart Micro Munition product family, developed in line with the battle needs of today and the future, performs satisfactorily in the battlefield as it promises. Integrated into the BAYRAKTAR TB2 Tactical UAVs and ANKA MALE UAVs that are in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and General Directorate of Security, MAM-L has been effectively used in operations since 2016. MAM-L munition is quickly gaining traction ahead of its rivals with its technology and combat experience.

Weighing nearly 22 kg, MAM-L stands out as a cost-effective solution for use in light attack aircraft as well as UAVs. The range of the MAM-L, which provides precise guidance with the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and engages to its laser-illuminated target with the Laser Seeker at the terminal phase, can be expanded up to 14 kilometers depending on the shooting conditions.

With the anti-tank and thermobaric warhead options, the ammunition can be effective against a variety of targets. Roketsan continues its R&D projects to expand the MAM Family and increase its capabilities in order to meet the needs of friendly and allied countries, in particular the Turkish Armed Forces, and to develop superior products together with all companies in its ecosystem.