Masttech’s New Generation Mast Systems and Carrier Platforms Expanding into New Markets

President of Masttech, Koray GÖKALP shared details about Masttech, their organizational structure, new and unique products, and the partnership agreement with US-Based Will-Burt company in 2019 that positioned the company in the overseas market.

Date: Issue 99 - June 2020

Defence Turkey: Could you please provide some background on Masttech and its establishment at the Sincan Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara, and the current organizational structure of the Company? 

Koray GÖKALP: Our journey, which we started with the delivery of defense industry engineering services in 1988, has been continuing with the most advanced engineering activities in the sector, such as design and system development since 2007. At the beginning of 2019, after we believed that we had reached maturity in terms of our skills, experience and financial power to take part in the international defense industry, we were in search of a new vision. We carefully analyzed our strengths and weaknesses to determine the areas in which we could compete, and which areas would be more difficult. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise was also quite competitive in the international defense industry market. Since marketing in the global defense market requires a relatively long time and involves great effort, a powerful brand, political power, and strategic requirements, we started to look for a partner with which we could combine our strengths and to eventually become a useful model. Upon this search, Masttech was formed following our agreement with the U.S. Company Will-Burt, which has been the world leader in its own product group for more than 100 years and has also incorporated the German company Geroh which has an important share in the global market with the same product group as well. Thus, Masttech found its place in the sector as the latest Turkish company established with a Turkish-American partnership in the defense industry.