Meteksan Defence Communication Systems Builds Sustainable Business Partnerships Through Mutual Trust and Transparency

“We Aim to Export UAV Data Links, Missile Data Links and our GNSS Anti-Jamming Products in 2020!” In our exclusive interview, Dr. Erdal TORUN, Vice President in Charge of Communication Systems - Meteksan Defence discusses collaborative projects between University, Industry and Users that promote the creation of synergy within the sector

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

Defence Turkey: Mr. TORUN, first off, all thanks so much for your time today. Meteksan Defence was established in 2006 to gather defense industry related projects and activities of high technology companies that operate within the structure of Bilkent Holding Group under a single roof. Communication Systems is one of Meteksan Defence’s three main departments; could you please inform us on this department’s staff size, services provided, and its technological experience and vision?

Erdal TORUN: Regarding Meteksan Defence’s technology domain, I would initially like to touch upon the company’s position in defense technologies.