Meteksan Defence Completes Activities to Extend Product Group for UAVs C-Band Data Link System Development

Date: Issue 87 - December 2018

A critical article was published on the C-Band Data Link System for the first time in the Meteksan Defence Newsletter which is published by Meteksan Defence once every three months. The article reported that the development activities have been completed for the data link system capable of end-to-end communication between Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) that could operate in high, medium and low altitudes and ground systems.

The C-Band Data Link System will be utilized in transmitting the payload and status data of the UAVs to the ground control station and transferring the command/control data of the air platforms to the air vehicle. The Data Link System operating at the C-Band frequency (4.4 – 5.85 GHz) is composed of two main sections; the Air Data Terminal (ADT) and Ground Data Terminal (GDT).

Modular design for Air Vehicles 

Lower size, weight and power consumption (SWAP Design)

Minimum 10 Mbps of user data at 200 km distance

HD and analogous video compression (H.264 Image compression)

Control over user friendly GUI

Custom design coding (FEC) accessing the capacity 

Automatic Antenna Tracking System

Data Security

Uplink: DSSS + FHSS + AES-256 

Downlink: DSSS + FHSS + AES-256 

National Crypto (to be added if required) 




The directional and undirected antennas within the C-Band Data Link System were produced by Meteksan Defence completely through national and domestic facilities. On account of this, the following were achieved: 

Overcoming the potential issues that may arise during the antenna procurement activities at the time of probable embargoes during the serial production stage

Increasing the domestic participation rate at the system level with the development and production of broad band antennas capable of operating at 4.4 – 5.85 GHz bands through national resources

Development of antennas in line with the antenna advantages identified in the aftermath of link budget analysis

Critical decrease of the antenna weight upon deciding to manufacture the reflecting surface of the ground unit’s reflector antenna from carbon fiber composite

Rendering the radome the undirected antenna resistant against environmental conditions through its custom design