Meteksan Defence’s Second Export of Damage Control Simulator to the Korean Republic

With this new contract, Meteksan Defence will provide design and consultancy services for the second damage control simulator supply project, aiming to cover the requirements of the Korean Republic’s Naval Forces.

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

July 5, 2020. The Damage Control Simulator is the most advanced and up to date solution of its kind and has been developed for the needs of navies worldwide.  Meteksan Defence previously added the Republic of Korea in its customer portfolio after Turkey and Oman, with the contract signed in 2017. Following the first Damage Control Simulator that was completed in 2019 together with a company based in the Republic of Korea, the second Damage Control Simulator project was launched as part of the needs of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Korea. Meteksan Defence signed a design and consultancy contract for the simulator, the construction activities of which will also be conducted in the Republic of Korea.

4 Navies of the countries in the world (Turkey, Oman, Korea Republic and undisclosed one of the Gulf Countries) have preferred Meteksan Defence for their Damage Control Simulator needs so far and Meteksan Defence’s knowhow and experience this and its success in all global tenders as a successful bidder position the company as a leader in this field.