Meteksan Defence Stands Out with Unique Products & Capabilities to Rivals

Date: Issue 119 - December 2022 Update: December 22, 2022

Established in 2006 to combine and coordinate the projects and activities of the high technology companies operating within the body of Bilkent Holding for the defense industry under a single roof, Meteksan Defence develops high-tech, national, independent, and indigenous products and subsystems for the Turkish Armed Forces and other security forces in line with the vision of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), Türkiye.

Operating in 6 main fields, including radar systems, perimeter surveillance systems, laser & electro-optical systems, communication systems, underwater acoustics systems, and platform simulators, Meteksan Defence participates in many critical projects such as the development of anti-tank and air defense missile systems, radar systems, perimeter surveillance radars, altimeters, tactical and strategic missile systems data links, sonar systems, underwater early warning and communication systems, and training simulators.