Meteksan Defense Reveals Cutting- Edge Solutions at IDEF’ 17

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

Performing activities under the auspices of Bilkent Holding, Meteksan Defense was established in 2006 with the objective of uniting and coordinating the projects and activities of the high technology companies regarding the defense industry. 

 Meteksan Defense launched its activities with the Millimetric Wave Radar Technology. R&D activities having strategic importance were executed at that time in Turkey by Meteksan Defense for the development of radar systems regarding various air platforms. At the end of these activities, MILDAR – Millimetric Wave Radar was selected to be integrated into the unique platforms such as the “Atak” Tactical and Reconnaissance Helicopter and the “Anka” Unmanned Air Vehicle by the Undersecretary for Defense Industries

In line with the know-how and experiences gained in radar systems, Meteksan Defense subsequently developed the Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar for the security of borders, units and critical facilities completely through its own resources. 

Concurrently, Meteksan Defense continued to enhance its competencies in various areas as well. As a result of participation in industrialization activities for the sonar systems of MILGEM vessels regarding the underwater acoustics systems, the company was appointed as Turkey’s “Underwater Acoustics Center of Excellence”.

Within the scope of the cooperation with Aselsan, Meteksan Defense initiated the development and manufacturing of the data links of the indigenous missile systems in Turkey. The data links of UMTAS, OMTAS and HISAR missiles manufactured by Roketsan were again developed and produced by Meteksan Defense. Following the acquisition of this capability, Turkey’s first network based dual data terminal with national encryption and anti-jamming feature working in the national waveform is still being developed by Meteksan Defense for the SOM cruise missiles.

$ 30 Million Turnover Achieved in 2016

Becoming one of the greatest private sector defense industry companies of Turkey, capable of competing worldwide with very competent products in the area of electronic systems, Meteksan Defense reached a turnover of $ 30 million by the end of 2016.

Active in 4 main areas composed of sensor-based systems, communication systems, underwater acoustic systems and platform simulators, Meteksan Defense continues to assume tasks in many critical and strategic projects such as the development of anti-tank and air defense missile systems as part of the platform projects like indigenous vessels, helicopters and unmanned air vehicles. Radar systems for helicopters and UAVs, Perimeter Surveillance Radar, altimeters, data links of tactical and strategic missile systems, sonar systems, underwater early warning and communication systems containing underwater acoustic sensor indexes developed with new type material and technologies and live training simulators that are amongst the major indigenous and unique products developed by Meteksan Defense. 

Visions and Targets for the Future

Within the scope of the vision and strategies for the upcoming period, Meteksan Defense aims to continue focusing on sensor-based systems, communication systems, underwater acoustic systems and platform simulators and to expand its depth of field. To this end, Meteksan Defense intends to increase the sales value of its products and related services within the structure of medium and long term turnover. Surely, in order to maintain long-term sustainability, becoming a company with worldwide defense product exports, rather than conducting sales merely in Turkey, is amongst the company’s primary targets. Planning to continue its investments in 2017 as well, Meteksan Defense aims to establish an R&D center this year in addition to the assets it owns. To this end, this investment is targeted for completion and to become operational in the final quarter of this year. 

Focused on Global Market Growth

Successfully development and delivery the Damage Control Simulators to the Turkish Naval Forces and to the  Naval Forces of the Royal Navy of Oman as well as the Naval Forces Command of the Republic of North Korea resulted in being awarded a contract for the requirements of the Damage Control Simulator to Meteksan Defense with its local business partner.  Following this major success, Meteksan Defense continues to conduct its export activities with over 20 countries, Gulf Countries, North Africa and Asian markets being in the first place. 

The High-Tech Products will be on Stage at IDEF 2017

Throughout IDEF 2017, Meteksan Defense is expected to introduce technologies and capabilities such as MILDAR Fire Control Radar, Automatic Take-Off and Landing Systems for UAVs, Retinar OPUS Perimeter Surveillance Radar and RF Guided Missile Simulator.