Meteksan & Envirionics ; A milestone in Turkish and Finnish Cooperation for CBRN technologies

METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc, one of the Turkish companies performing joint studies with Finnish companies has been working with Finnish Environics Co. for the Supply of CBRN Mobile Laboratories Project carried out by the Undersecretariat

Issue 18

METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc. evaluates and believes that making cooperation with foreign companies at its activity fields will provide an essential resource and knowledge for the satisfaction of current and prospective needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and accordingly move the defense industry forward including the generation of export opportunities. In view of this, METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc. continues to make negotiations with Finnish companies in order to perform joint studies within this scope.

Undertaking the task to be an innovative, R&D focused, advanced technology and creative engineering company, and capable to establish new technology development environments through local facilities; METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc. has been performing activities regarding Radar Systems, Electronic Modules, Underwater Acoustic Systems and Simulation and Modeling, and continuing studies through national capabilities on advanced technology solutions such as modeling, simulation and analysis technologies, training simulators, RF, microwave, millimeter-wave technologies, laser systems, air defense missile subsystems, third generation data link systems, sonar design and production, underwater communication and warning systems, electronic warfare systems and naval platform systems. The total income of the company received from its business activities has directly been transferred to Bilkent University Foundation for the purposes of supporting the education at Bilkent University and awarding scholarships to students.

Since the establishment of METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc., Radar Systems and Electronic Subsystems have always been the crucial activity fields of the company and it has been carrying out critical projects at these fields such as Fire Control Radar, Data Link and Development of Fiber Laser.

In 2009, METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc. has been announced as “Center of Excellence on Underwater Acoustic” by the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries in the field of Underwater Acoustic Systems and it is the strongest candidate to become the leading company of our country in this field through its infrastructure, knowledge and the projects realized. In cooperation with Bilkent University Underwater Acoustic Center, METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc. has been continuing its activities on sonar design and production, underwater communication systems and underwater network and warning systems fields as well as tests and calibrations of these systems.

METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc. has become the leading company of Turkey in Simulation and Modeling field through its infrastructure, knowledge and the projects realized. In order to realize the vision “To Become Virtual Communication Base” of the Turkish Armed Forces, to understand the training requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces in Simulation and Modeling field, to produce special and R&D based products by following academic researches and latest developments in simulation and modeling field, to improve, expand and enter into new markets through full awareness of industrial and global competition and by increasing the efficiency and customer satisfaction to the top level constitute the major goals of METEKSAN Defense Industries Inc.

With its vision to become “Turkey’s Technology Center”, the company continues to provide local inputs to Turkish defence industry while offering hi-tech solutions for the Turkish Armed Forces and taking significant steps to become long-term advanced technology solution partner of the Turkish Armed Forces in line with the values and goals of Bilkent University.

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