“Miilux OY Turkey’s Only Institution with End-to-End Armor Steel Production Competence

Turkey`s local ballistic steel producer Miilux OY produces ballistic steel and wear-resistant steel with an annual capacity of 38,000 tons. With its ballistic steel and wear-resistant steel production made using the high-quality flat steel made by OYAK`s Mining Metallurgy Companies Erdemir and İsdemir, Miilux OY continues its activities with the objective of eliminating Turkey`s dependence on foreign resources in ballistic steel. In addition to supplying products to the leading companies in the defence industry, the company also aims to boost its position in the export markets. Defence Turkey interviewed Mr. Yavuz YELDAN, Turkey General Manager of Miilux OY, on the current annual production capacity and production technology infrastructure of Miilux OY production plants, as well as on the Miilux Protection 280T, 440T, 500T, and 600T ballistic steel plates developed for the defense industry. We also discuss the target markets that the company plans to be more involved in within the upcoming period as well as their overseas projects.

Date: Issue 112 - February 2022

Defence Turkey: First off, thank you for making the time for our interview. In line with Turkey's vision of producing domestic ballistic steel, OYAK purchased 70% of the outstanding shares of Miilux, a Finland-based ballistic steel manufacturer in 2019, in order to strengthen domestic production and founded Miilux OY/Miilux Yüksek Mukavemetli Çelik Üretim A.Ş., establishing the only flat steel heat treatment plant. Can you give us a brief introduction to the company Miilux OY? What can you tell us about the founding purpose, the goals set, and the activities performed during the past two years?

Yavuz YELDAN: The strategic move of OYAK through the acquisition of Miilux OY has made it one of the world's leading ballistic steel producers in Turkey, and we started to produce our country's first domestic ballistic steel. With this move, we, as OYAK, have acquired all the ballistic steel technology of Miilux OY and have become the only institution in our country with end-to-end ballistic steel production competence.