MIKES Ranks 5th in Turkey in the R&D Centres Performance Index Study

In the evaluation undertaken by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the MIKES R&D Centre was overall ranked 5th among R&D Centres in Turkey

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

In carrying out an analysis of the present situation of R&D Centres, in deepening R&D work and in order to determine the contribution of these centres to the national economy, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology undertook a recent study. Within the coverage of this study, in order to evaluate the activities of these centres, monitoring their performance by years and creating a road map based on the outcome, first, a R&D Centre Performance Index Analysis criteria were prepared and after collecting the relevant data, work on all R&D Centres’ Performance Index was completed. 

From among the 81 R&D Centres included in this evaluation, 69 Centres were ranked and MIKES was 5th in the overall ranking, 3rd in its sector, 1st in the commercialisation ranking and the 4th firm in the R&D personnel employment ranking.