MİLKAR Electronic Attack System Begins Active Duty

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

Within the scope of the Mobile V/UHF Electronic Attack System Project (MİLKAR / National Jammer-3A3) initiated in 2015 between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and Aselsan in line with the needs of the Turkish Land Forces, the aim is to implement electronic attack capability to target communication systems that communicate in V/UHF frequency band on different platforms. MİLKAR-3A3 systems are used to prevent target V/UHF band communication by delaying or transferring misleading information which provides an advantage to allied troops in the tactical field. These systems are also critical in terms of the tasks performed within the scope of anti-terrorism and cross-border operations.

In light of the experiences in the Syrian operation field, the delivery of 11 MİLKAR-3A3 systems was completed and put into service within the scope of the project carried out to provide uninterrupted electronic warfare support across a wide geography. The delivery of 4 more systems is scheduled by the end of the year. The MİLKAR-3A3 system is divided into two vehicles as upper and lower frequency bands. In accordance with the needs of the user, the solution can be produced in a single vehicle according to the band division and vehicle selection to be determined. Air conditioning units, antennas and primary power supply generator with system switch are ergonomically located on 4x4 vehicle platform. Thanks to the fact that all contents can be transported on the vehicle platform, MILKAR-3A3 has high mobility in the tactical field. The position can be changed in a very short time after the jamming task is executed.

With the MILKAR-3A3 system, custom solutions can be produced in the frequency range of 30-3 thousand MHz. The system has continuous, look-through, target-triggered jamming types, the protected frequencies / frequency bands can be specified to protect allied radio communication. The MİLKAR-3A3 system has a power infrastructure that supports uninterrupted operation which makes a difference with its fast installation / assembly and high mobility in the tactical field.