MILMAST – Designing Advanced Engineering in Telescopic Lifting Systems, on Track to Become a Global Brand

Established in 2015 as a brand of Figes to focus on telescopic lifting system (Mast) technologies, which were not available in Turkey at that time, MILMAST Telescopic Lifting Systems is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Mast systems featuring a patented locking system and a very low nested height. Today the company’s product range includes FTM, FHM and FOM series Mast systems made of electro-mechanical carbon fiber material with an extended height of between 3-20 meters and can be used for many fields both in military and civil services. At the IDEX 2019 Exhibition, Defence Turkey talked with Yasin TÜR, MILMAST Sales Manager & Co-Founder, to get firsthand information on MILMAST’s participation at IDEX, the company’s product range and ongoing programs both in Turkey and in the region

Date: Issue 91 - May 2019

Defence Turkey: What would you like to say about your participation in IDEX 2019? What can you share about the products you exhibited at the event?

Yasin TÜR: We attended the IDEX Exhibition with a last-minute decision. Our booth was in the German Pavilion. The first impressions of the visitors were better than we expected. Honestly, we didn’t expect such good feedback and the number of visitors. The companies and individuals who are interested in this subject came here and met with us, and we had the opportunity to show ourselves. Company-level meetings were fruitful; however, we did not find what we expected from the delegation-level meetings. We exhibited our standard FTM series Masts with a patented lock safety system, as well as our new series of products. We take the FTM series to every event we participate in. This product became the primary choice for especially Aselsan led projects in Turkey. Recently, we have launched our new FOM Mast series for the Main Battle Tanks. The system is designed as a compact solution for companies that want to install a mast on platforms with limited space. The product that we brought to IDEX as a mock-up has a nested height of 70cm and an extended height of 2,5m. The FOM series masts with 150kg and 250kg payload capacity have three different types that can extend from 92cm to 4 meters and from 1,2m to 6 meters. You can use the same payloads that we use on our FTM series with FOM series Masts as well. The FOM series is only preferred if the user has limited space. It is smaller than the FTM series and has a different mechanical structure design. We created this system by considering the more specific design requirements.