MilSOFT: A New Structure for Brilliant Future

MilSOFT has recorded significant ac

Date: Issue 38 - January 2013

Defence Turkey: Mr. Başyigit, it is seen that MilSOFT has taken significant steps for 14 years since its establishment. In terms of production, investment, export and international projects, how could you evaluate the developments in figures in recent years?

Starting from the beginning, we have set our target to be a major player in the world market as a competitive Turkish System Integration and SW Development Company. To our view, being competitive in such a sector requires a very high technology and can only be reachable by addressing three main areas. First is to work according to the most demanding international standards, second is to develop new and innovative technologies based on both leading edge open information & knowledge and finally, third is to utilize qualified workforce effectively and efficiently in order to achieve competitive prices lead by high productivity.