Milsoft:A Technology Center by Developing ritical Software Solutions


Issue 7 - January 2008

MilSOFT has proved herself in the international market by satisfying various Contracts’ requirements for critical software solutions. The company has started to gain critical project
responsibilities within Turkey after proving herself internationally. The first international Contract was with Sikorsky Aircraft (US) in the year 2000. MilSOFT has been evaluated and chosen by Sikorsky as a subcontractor for the development of the mission computer software for S-70B SeaHawk Helicopters as a team member
of Sikorsky. This project enabled MilSOFT to be known in the global defense market. Then, MilSOFT was invited to an international bidding for S-92 Helicopter’s on board Maintenance Data Computer SW Development because of her successful
contribution to SeaHawk Project. After this bidding, MilSOFT was also awarded by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation for developing the software on the ‘’onboard’’ Maintenance Data Computer to monitor avionics & electro- mechanical systems via ARINC 429 data bus in order to analyze, display and record the associated maintenance
data for the S-92 helicopter in 2001. Thus, MilSOFT became the first Turkish Company developing an international product based on RTCA/DO- 178B Level C and getting US Federal
Aviation Administration Certification. After these two success stories, MilSOFT has started to have more international contracts from Rockwell Collins (France), Elbit (Israel),
Lürssen (Germany), Thales (France), IAI-Elta (Israel), Thales Underwater Systems (France), and Lloyds’ Register (UK). As it is underlined within the international projects above, MilSOFT has gained remarkable capabilities in order to be the right candidate to take part as a main contractor for Turkish Armed Forces’ Defense Industry Projects which are administrated by
The Undersecretariat of Turkish Defense Industry. The projects are underlined as follows;
Development of “Joint EW Training Simulator" for Turkish Armed Forces, which is a unique system in Electronic Warfare Training Systems that acquires essential level of knowledge in Electronic Warfare both in theory and practice.
MilSOFT has been developing a capability for E/O-IR camera and SAR payload image exploitation system within the scope of Unmanned Air Vehicle
(UAV) program of Turkish Armed Forces that could be the utilized in UAV and other applications.
As a main contractor, MilSOFT has been eveloping LR-100 Electronic Warfare Programming & Simulation System to be utilized by the Turkish
Navy. Furthermore, MilSOFT has taken part in the Genesis Tactical Data Link System – odernization Program for the development of Multi-Purpose Tactical Data Link System. (Link 11 / Link 16 (Link 22 expansion capability)) MilSOFT has started to have her own products that can be marketed all around the world by effectively utilizing her R&D Facilities.
As being a Technology Center based on R&D facilities, MilSOFT has not only achieved to compete with the leading global companies but also performed successful business model mutually
which is expanding the product line with constructive business cooperation. MilSOFT acts as a major player both in the international market and domestically as being a Technology Center by developing her own solutions within
her interest area and aims to stay as the leading Turkish System Integration and Software Development Company. MilSOFT currently operates at her headquarters at Technopolis METUAnkara,
Turkey, having facility clearance certificate in the level of “NATO Secret” and “National Secret”.
MilSOFT currently has 275 employees with more than 230 engineers. Currently, MilSOFT is developing critical software solutions for the companiesof technologically developed ountries’ such as USA, France, ermany, United Kingdom and Israel.