MilSOFT and HDW signed a 17 million Euro contract

Within the coverage of the New Type Submarine Project being implemented by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries with regard to meeting the requirement of the Turkish Naval Forces, the “Development and Integratio

Issue 20 - January 2010

MilSOFT, based on the importance of R&D activities, provides critical solutions on new work in the area of technology through the capabilities it obtains through R&D activities. MilSOFT was chosen a few years ago to develop the national “Link-11/Link-16 Multi Data Link System” project and has taken an important step in reaching a position of becoming one among a handful of companies worldwide to provide solutions in this area.

Thanks to the commencement of R&D works on the newest tactical data link, Link-22, MilSOFT, by including its Link-22 capability into the multi data link system, has obtained the opportunity of providing an important technological solution to the New Type Submarine Project. The MilSOFT multi data link system reflects MilSOFT’s knowledge and experience on tactical data link and encompasses MilSOFT infrastructure software compatible to current architecture (OACE) and international standards (OMG/DDS).

The MilSOFT Multi Data Link Solution within the coverage of the New Type Submarine Project, in general terms involves the transfer of information received from the Link-11/Link-22 network to the Submarine Command and Control System and the transfer of messages received from this System to the Link-11/Link 22 and an exchange of Link-22 network and trace management messaging. MilSOFT’s responsibilities with this Project include the Integration of Six Multi Link Systems to the Submarine Command and Control System, the Integration of One Multi Link System to the Land Based Test System and Data Transfer between Link-11 and Link-22. With this Project MilSOFT together with HDW will have the opportunity to undertake exports to international markets in an area which requires high technology. This opportunity, at the same time, is an important indication of the technological level that the Turkish defense industry has reached.

In a statement issued, MilSOFT’s CEO Mr. ?smail Ba?yi?it stated that MilSOFT Software Technologies Inc., with facilities at METU Teknokent and TÜB?TAK TEKSEB, is a 100% domestic and a private company that is active in system integration and software development in the defense industry. MilSOFT is the first European company to reach the SEI-CMMI-5 level that is considered as the highest level in evaluation methodology by internationally accepted software companies, and documented at being level 5 according to CMMI-DEV v. 1.2 regulations and is among 20 companies in the world in this area.

Since its founding MilSOFT has provided critical software solutions in international markets to companies in technologically developed countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, the UK and Israel and will continue to provide important technological solutions to foreign companies with the New Type Submarine Project,” said Ba?yi?it.

According to the evaluation methodology of globally accepted software companies, MilSOFT was the first company to reach the highest level with the SEI-CMMI-5 (Capability Maturity Model Integrated) in Europe in 2005.