MilSOFT – Excellence in System Integration and Software Development

Issue 74

MilSOFT Software Technologies Inc. was established in 1998 as a 100% Private Company. We specialize in System Integration and Software Development for the defense industry. Besides the defense industry, we develop technologies for the public security and telecommunications industries. 

MilSOFT develops high-end products by using the latest software technologies. From the beginning, MilSOFT has competed projects in the high technology field with the most technologically advanced companies in both national and international arenas.  We strive to maximize customer satisfaction through our deep domain expertise and engineering methodologies. No doubt, we see our customers as partners, and their needs are materialized with our expertise. 

We also anticipate future customer demands and the launch of R&D projects. Our R&D efforts evolve into innovative solutions and we deploy them into operational environments. 

In 2005, due to our dedication to international standards, MilSOFT is the first company in Europe to achieve CMMI Level 5 certification, (Capability Maturity Model Integration) which is a type of process level improvement training. 

All of the projects that we have completed over the years have subsequently created immeasurable expertise and assets. Today, we have our own products without any license restriction to third parties. With the support of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), MilSOFT continuously initiates new R&D projects in new areas. 

With our successful international tenders, MilSOFT has already proven itself internationally and is able to market its products anywhere, throughout the globe. 

The software capabilities that we will share at IDEF 2017 are the C4I Systems, Data Links and Messaging, Image Exploitation Systems, Electronic Warfare (EW), Modeling and Simulation, Embedded Systems, ICT Solutions and Cyber Security technologies. 

C4I Systems: MilSOFT is capable of meeting all needs of partners in terms of C4I. Thanks to the Open System Architecture applied by major players in the market, we can provide Command and Control Systems to a wide range of platforms. The platform spectrum ranges from complicated destroyers and flattops to LCACs and patrol boats. The MilSOFT Combat Management System (CMS) integrates sensors and effectors; establishes the recognized maritime tactical picture as well as provides the operator with support functions to enable effective decision making onboard ships, to be used for Situational Awareness by the Command Centers and Surface/Air/Subsurface Platforms.

Our main accomplishments on C4I systems are:   

Turkish Coast Guard Command: Coast Guard Search and Rescue Ship, Scalable Combat Management System (CMS) based on DDS & OACE, Coastal Surveillance C2I System. 

NAVSEA/BAV-USA: Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile Integration to Turkish Frigates.

TKMS-GERMANY: Integration between ISUS 9072 Weapon Control System and DLP.

Turkish Navy: Modernization of Ex-Perry Class Frigates (GENESIS) and middleware to MILGEM. Export of Naval Information Exchange System.

NIXS: Navy Information Exchange System (NIXS) to use for Situational Awareness by the Command Centers and Surface/Air/Subsurface Platforms.

Data Distribution System (Mil-DDS) to Turkish Defence Sector (ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, ROKETSAN, ext.)

Data Links and Messaging: MilSOFT has developed a Multi-Link Tactical Data Link System (Mil-TDLS) which provides the Data Link capability to share tactical information with other Link 16, Link 22 and/or Link 11 capable platforms. We are capable of forwarding data link messages among different link systems either Link 11/16/22 or indigenously developed Link M. MilSOFT either completed or contributed to many projects with Link 11/16/22, including but not limited to, HiSAR Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System, Gabya and Milgem Class warships, Landing Ship Tank (LST), C-130, Meltem-2/3, Type 214 Submarine etc. MilSOFT has also successfully demonstrated the interoperability of its Mil-TDLS product by participating NATO CWIX trial every year since 2014. Mil-TDLS also provides JREAP-C and SIMPLE capabilities for Beyond Line of Sight transfer and rig testing of tactical data link information. MilSOFT can also contribute our partners in developing their own country-specific link systems.

Image Exploitation and ISR Systems: MilSOFT has experience in control, mission management and image exploitation capabilities of Unmanned Systems. Mission planning of these UxV s can be done on Tactical consoles. It is possible to control UxVs and their payloads through CMS consoles with integrated solution. Video streams in MPEG2, MPEG2TS, MPEG4, H263, H264, H265, WMV, MOV, VPX formats can be integrated into the Content Management System (CMS) for display of a tactical picture and stored into databases for future access. Image processing and handling capabilities are also integrated to the CMS providing capabilities such as picture overlays to the tactical picture. MilSOFT Image Exploitation System (IES) receives EO/IR, SAR, GMTI, Telemetry sensor data from the UAV via Control Station, performs screening and exploitation functions and reports the exploitation products to intelligence requesters. With this integration,theUAV can exchange data directly with CMS. One of the main purpose of MilSOFT IES is to collect different kind of intelligence data (OSINT, HUMINT, IMINT, SIGINT etc.), process and fuse them and serve the usable common intelligence picture.

Electronic Warfare (EW), Modeling and Simulation: 

MilSOFT has provided many products and solutions in the EW, Modeling and Simulation domain, consisting of Avionics based flight test readiness and post analysis simulation, Automatic Counter Measure Dispense System Simulation for Fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, existing and generic typed surveillance and tracking radar simulator, Tactical Data Link Simulators for various Links (e.g. Link 16), coastal security planning and the EW training simulator. 

As of May 2017, more than 2000 Electronic Warfare Officers of the Turkish Armed Forces, were trained with our Electronic Warfare Training Simulation system. MilSOFT also provides EW courses to officers and to allied countries. 

Embedded Systems: MilSOFT has been awarded with a critical software package with the Sikorsky S-92 Maintenance Data Computer Software Project in the international market. In addition, MilSOFT produced the SeaHawk Helicopter Mission Computer and the S-92 Helicopter Maintenance Data Computer SW.

In satisfying airworthiness regulations of the USA FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), Maintenance Data Computer (MDC) software is developed, verified and certified according to RTCA/DO-178B standard Level C by MilSOFT, as part of the Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter Type Certification.

MilSOFT is also developing avionics/embedded software for some national programs. Open Architecture Computing Environment (OACE) compliant software development experience has led to the implementation of FACE as a vital infrastructure to be invested in for embedded avionics software development projects. Today an interpretation of FACE is implemented and used in avionics/embedded in our projects such as the ANKA Unmanned Aircraft System, Kement and Erciyes projects. MilSOFT also developed an in-house Data Distribution Service (DDS) Library, which can easily be adopted as required for another advanced version of the existing FACE infrastructure.

MilSOFT also has provided its Tactical Data Link System products as an Embedded System which is running on Real-Time Operating Systems for F-16s, C-130s and Network Enabled Weapons (NEW). 

ICT Solutions: MilSOFT has strong bonds with logistic support systems. Our Logistic Support System Mil-TRAC-Lifecycle Support & Management Information System is a part of the Main Battle Tank prototype of OTOKAR. The General Directorate of Meteorology and the Turkish Coast Guard are also using modular parts of the logistic support and management package. We are continuously evaluating our products with our partners in order to best serve them. 

MilSOFT has an IT middleware product, TURKUAZ, compatible with international standards, extending the capabilities of applications by using a foundation of common services and functions that are built on a service oriented and network-centric architecture. 

TURKUAZ brings together enterprise service middleware and real time information providing middleware (such as DDS). TURKUAZ is deployed on top of a computing environment and a set of commercial infrastructure elements: an operating system, an application server, a database server, an enterprise service bus, etc. 

MilSOFT uses TURKUAZ, in all net-centric system products, especially those that require a complex set of interoperability requirements. Some examples are Emergency Management applications, Logistics and Fleet Management applications, Command Control Information Systems (C2IS), Maritime Information Systems, etc.

As the Undersecretary for Defense Industries stated earlier, the software business is the area in which we have no excuse to lag behind globally. MilSOFT is working hard to be competitive around the world in terms of quality, performance, technology and price. Being at the top tier in quality does not necessarily mean success in business. Companies have to be known.  In this regard, we visited the Sea Air Space Exposition on April 3rd-5th 2017 in Washington D.C and we used the occasion as exposure, demonstrating that MilSOFT can most definitely be player in the international market with its expertise and know-how. 

We also know that our proficiency and capabilities will expand with every partner/customer that we work with. We value and appreciate every detail of feedback on our path to perfection. We are working hard to make our capabilities known and held in high regard.  As we grow, our added value to Turkey will also grow. In this direction, IDEF 2017 is an excellent opportunity for us.