MilSOFT`s Maturity Level in Software Development and Integration Once Again Certified

Date: Issue 97 - January 2020

December 6, 2019. MilSOFT has succeeded in CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level-5 assessment for the 6th time, which is a widely used standard that measures the ability maturity levels of software companies. CMMI Level-5 enables organizations to forecast their future performance in a disciplined and quantitative manner and to provide innovative products to their customers by taking preventive actions before any problems occur.

The CMMI level not only increases the success of organizations in realizing projects they undertake on time, with good quality and within budget, but also it contributes to the sustainability of organizations by enhancing their capacity to adapt to rising competition and changing conditions due to its “continuous improvement” philosophy. CMMI is used as a model in many critical sectors such as the defence industry, where elements of both quality and schedule are of the utmost importance and is required as a prerequisite for domestic and international tenders.

MilSOFT was the first company in Turkey that reached the CMMI Level-3 in 2002 and then achieved CMMI Level-5 in 2005 as the “first company” that reached this level in Europe. MiLSOFT, the only company in the Turkish defence industry that reached CMMI Level-5 with 100% coverage in all projects, has been implementing this capability uninterruptedly in all projects assumed since 2005 and has achieved significant success for the 6th time as a result of the assessment performed.

MiLSOFT, one of 619 companies in the world and 27 in Europe with Level-5 certification, is one of the few international companies that has achieved and maintained Level-5 uninterruptedly since 2005.