MILSOFT was given a “Technological Achievement Award” for the success of GEMKOMSİS

MILSOFT was given a Techno

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

MILSOFT is 100% national and private software company running in the area of system integration and software development and reaching CMMI-5, the highest level of maturity.
Ship Command Control System (GEMKOMSİS) given a Technological Achievement Award was initiated as a search and development project being a national and original design by MILSOFT in 2004 and it was observed and supported by TUBİTAK-TEYDEB for three years so as to develop the first national ship command control.
GEMKOMSİS creates a tactical illustration thorough the data obtained from many receivers (sensor) and arms and ensures the receiver and fire elements to be used effectively and in coordination.
A system substructure which has mechanisms for error resistance was developed by taking into an open, distributed and embedded architecture (OACE) and international standards (such as OMG-DDS). Thus, architectures which were not able to address fast changes in hardware (such as core architecture, speed, memory/its speed) and to keep up with the modernizations and other updates in subsystems easily (such as receiver and arms) and also the difficulties (technical and cost) in maintaining Command Control Systems Software depending on company’s own interfaces were eliminated.
Also, USA and many European countries which have advanced naval forces are developing this distributed and open architecture understanding and trying to align their stock systems with this approach and applying this understanding into new generation systems (such as DDX, AEGIS, SSDS, LCS, new generation TACTICOS, E2-C ) as an imperative for the 21st century technical architecture. Some of the companies which have world wide recognition and try to redevelop/update their systems include Lockheed Martin, Atlas Electronic, Thales, and Raytheon. Upon seeing the tendency for the technological transition of these renowned companies and understanding a necessity for this, MilSOFT started to develop draft versions for standards and architectures to be used in early 2004 and achieved to develop GEMKOMSİS before or at the same time these companies developed their owns. MilSOFT through its GEMKOMSİS has reached to a level to compete with the world-wide products such as Raytheon SSDS, Thales TACTICOS, Atlas ARGOS and LM COMBATSS
GEMKOMSİS presents the Command Control substructure which could easily be scaled and adapted in accordance with the requirements of various naval, land and air platforms ranging from very simple configurations like assault boat to the most complex configurations such as frigate, landing platform dock and aircraft carrier.
Because of the its features, GEMKOMSİS was selected as a National Command Control System Software for the critic applications like Coast Guard Command Search and Rescue Ship Project. GEMKOMSİS equipped with Link-16/Link-22 data structures for the purpose of the future tactical link adaptation is able to integrate with the functions in command control of subsystems like Message Operating System and Automatic Identification System (AIS)