Minister of National Defense Hulusi AKAR: “We Continue to Develop Our Defense Capabilities Both for the Surface & Underwater of Our Homeland!”

In an exclusive interview with Turkey’s Minister of National Defense (MoND) Hulusi AKAR, we talked about the key activities and projects of the MoND carried out in 2020, Turkish MoND’s procurement system principles and its procurement activities as well as the Turkish Armed Forces’ leading modernization projects, within the context of IDEF ‘21, the 15th International Defense Industry Fair.

Date: Issue 109 - August 2021

Defence Turkey: Dear Minister, we would like to start our interview with your evaluation of 2020 in terms of defense and security. Could you briefly summarize for our readers the key activities and projects of the Ministry of National Defense carried out in 2020?

MoND Hulusi AKAR: We have launched critical projects under the leadership of our Dear President and his support and encouragement. The year 2020 was a quite productive and successful year where we reaped the fruits of our indigenous and national projects in the defense industry and where we took the initial steps towards the projects we will execute in the upcoming years.