Missile Technologies: Roketsan Aims to stay one Step Ahead of Rivals

Roketsan Vice President Mr. Necip Pehlivantürk evaluated

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Necip Pehlivantürk, firstly we would like to thank you for your time. Could you please inform us on the fields of activity, personnel organization and the programs executed by the Tactical Missile Systems (TFS) Group of Roketsan?

 Roketsan utilizes new generation guidance technologies within the scope of the missile and weapon systems it develops. The Semi-active laser seeker and MEMS based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)of CİRİT Missile and innovative  guidance control systems of “Mızrak” and “Hisar” missiles constitute the examples of these aforementioned systems. As the Tactical Missile Systems Group, we accomplish the system level design, development and integration of the missile systems that incorporate these guidance technologies. Moreover, we are in charge of the trainings provided to the users of such systems. A total of 500 personnel (80% of which is composed of engineers) are employed at our Group established over an area of 4 million square meters. 2,75” Laser Guided Missile “Cirit”, Long and Medium Range Anti-Tank Missile Systems “Mızrak-U” and “Mızrak-O”, Precision Guided Stand-Off Missile “SOM” and Low and Medium Air Defence Missiles “Hisar-A” and Hisar-O” are amongst the main programmes we have been conducting.