Mızrak-U Hit the Nail

Mızrak-U miss

Issue 55

The Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile “Mızrak-U” was designed by Roketsan through domestic capabilities and passed the tests successfully. First test of the missile took place in Karapınar, Konya in February 2014.First firing test of the missile from a helicopter with infrared seeker was fully successful. One of the essential characteristics of Mızrak-U is its Fire and Forget and Fire and Update mode(lock on before/after launch) was tested and achievement was gained.  

Mızrak-U Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile Project was launched in order to meet Turkish Armed Forces’ demand for long-range anti-tank-missiles through national capabilities. Development studies of Mızrak-U were commenced in September 2008 and the missile is expected to become one of the principal weapons of T129 Attack Helicopter.