MKS Announces Ophir® Long Range, Ruggedized 60-1200mm f/4 Continuous Zoom Lens for Cooled MWIR Cameras

Date: Issue 113 - April 2022 Update: April 21, 2022

MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has announced the Ophir® SupIR 60-1200 MWIR f/4 lens, the latest addition to the company's series of lenses designed for SXGA/HD 10µm and 15µm VGA pitch FPA (focal plane array) cooled MWIR cameras. This new, high-precision lens is equipped with an automated zoom interface and continuous zoom to provide a sharp and clear image across the entire field-of-view and throughout the full zoom range. This makes it ideal for the demanding requirements of Counter Unmanned Systems (C-UAS) applications and long-range observation and surveillance systems.

"The SupIR 60-1200mm MWIR f/4 lens is a game-changer for homeland security and defense applications," said Dr. Kobi Lasri, General Manager, Ophir Optics Group. "The extended observation range, high-performance continuous zoom capabilities, and ruggedized design allow for early and accurate identification and tracking of fast-moving targets without losing sight."