Multipurpose Mobile Tower Developed to Provide Situational Awareness at Bases and Borders by GES Engineering

Date: Issue 101 - November 2020

The increased border threats associated with the recent rise in irregular migration, illegal trafficking and acts of terrorism are among the leading items on the agendas of military and security forces. GES Engineering has developed its innovative Multipurpose Mobile Tower solution taking into consideration the specific needs of the units operating in these fields.

Military and security forces need solutions that allow them to assert their dominance in antiterrorism; cross-border operations; the fight against irregular migration and trafficking; to secure temporary and main bases and refugee camps; and to ensure the protection of critical facilities, sea and land borders, and numerous other operational areas. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is through the use of towers, although operational scenarios such as these require mobile solutions or towers that can be installed in the field. The Multipurpose Mobile Tower solution developed by GES Engineering is formulated to satisfy this exact need.

The Multipurpose Mobile Tower can be integrated with such payloads as radars, communication equipment, electro-optical systems and armaments, mounted to ensure situational awareness and to provide a strategic advantage to the user.

The advantages and flexibility provided by GES’ Multipurpose Mobile Tower solution include its easy transportation and installation, its ability to operate for long periods in the field with high reliability, its adverse-weather resistance, its multipurpose use and payload integration, its manned and unmanned operation, and the ability of the tower and payloads to be operated remotely via a 3G module.

Unaffected by the Limitations of Terrain

Another innovative feature of the Multipurpose Mobile Tower is its cabin and moving block, which can be moved in the specified direction with 0.1-degree precision. This allows an increase of the viewing and engagement angles of the payloads, such as armaments, and the electro-optic sensors mounted on the tower. Accordingly, all limitations related to the terrain are circumvented.

A Practical Solution Meeting Needs in the Field  

Serhat DEMİR, Co-founder of GES Engineering, claims that the Multipurpose Mobile Tower was developed as a result of a breakthrough in their product development approach: “The Multipurpose Mobile Tower is a product that is able to level itself automatically on sloping terrain, which we achieved by integrating our Shelter-Levelling System, as another product we have developed and put into use in the sector, into our Multipurpose Mobile Tower. Our Shelter and Mobile Platform Lift and Transportation System offers the additional advantage of allowing the tower to be transported without being loaded onto a truck. GES Engineering has emerged as a company that is able to develop integrated solutions that combine its existing products. As our product family grows, so will our range of innovative solutions.”

The GES Engineering Multipurpose Portable Tower 

Weighing 11 tons, it is considerably lighter than the usual 25–30 ton alternatives and can be carried with a 4x4 vehicle.

With its integrated automatic levelling system, it can be erected on terrains with a maximum slope of 7 degrees. When used on this type of terrain, it is levelled automatically, and can be made ready to use without intervention by the user.

It can be installed in the field within 10 minutes under the power of its integrated generator, without the need for any other equipment.

It can operate stand alone in the field, powered by its integrated generator.

Requiring no additional equipment, the Levelling System can also be used to load and unload the container to and from vehicles.

It is also compatible with the “Shelter and Mobile Platform Lift and Transportation System” produced by GES Engineering, which allows it to be transported by a towing vehicle without being loaded onto a trailer.

By moving the cabin and the lifting block in the specified direction with 0.1-degree precision, the engagement angle of the payloads, such as the weapons or electro-optic sensors carried by the tower, can be increased, in addition to their operating limits. Accordingly, all limitations related to the terrain are ruled out.

It can operate for long periods with high reliability in the field thanks to its electromechanical mechanisms and mechanical locks.

A ladder located within the lifting block allows the crew to access the cabin. It is also possible to enter through a door before the cabin has been hoisted to its vertical position, and to reposition the system vertically from inside the cabin.

Both the cabin and the overall system can be armored if required.

The container, tower and payloads can be remotely operated via the 3G module.