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Sofia HONRUBIA Commercial and Business Development Vice President Navantia talks with Defence Turkey Magazine about the company’s twenty-year presence in Turkey. Navantia confirmed its commitment by opening Navantia Turkey in 2013. In addition to the partnership with SEDEF for the construction of Turkish LHD ships and the partnership with AYESAŞ for the supply of the IPMS, Navantia has also been working with DELTAMARINE, an engineering company involved in ship design. With these partnerships Turkey’s local contribution to the LHD ships has increased, also opening up global export opportunities through product quality improvement and innovation

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

Defence Turkey: How would you best describe the state-owned Spanish naval shipbuilder Navantia today? Even though its main line of activity is in the naval field, Navantia also designs and manufactures systems for the Army and the Air Force. Could you please provide some key facts about the company for our readers? 

Sofia HONRUBIA: Navantia is a state-owned naval shipbuilding company that provides the industrial and technological response to the Spanish Government to build the essential naval capabilities for National Defence and Security. The company has their own technological capacity to deliver solutions end to end in the shipbuilding and also in the Systems domain, providing sovereignty to the Ministry of Defence.