Navantia is Ready to Contribute Value to Turkish Navy’s MILDEN & TF-2000 Programs with the Knowledge and Capacities Acquired During S-80 and F110 Programs!

Brief Introduction on Navantia

Date: Issue Navantia - May 2024 Update: July 20, 2024

100% owned by the Sociedad Española de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI, attached to the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Function), Spanish shipbuilding company Navantia builds high technology vessels for both the military and civil sectors. It is the fifth-largest shipbuilder in Europe, the ninth-largest in the world. It is present in five countries (with Headquarters and offices in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, India and Australia) and exporting more than 20. 

Thanks to its immense technological capacity allowing it to design, build and maintain all types of vessels, Navantia is a strategic company for Spanish National Defense and Security and its main client is the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the Spanish Navy. With a team of more than 4,000 people, Navantia creates almost 80% of the sector jobs in Spain.