NAVANTIA: ` Turkey is an Important and Valuable partner for NAVANTIA, and We are Ready to Enhance Our Collaboration`

Defence Turkey caught up with Navantia International Defense and Security Director - Commercial & Commercial and Business Development Service Director Jose Manuel MONDEJAR, during IDEF ‘21 to get first-hand information on the international presence of Navantia in the conventional submarine sector, the current status of the S-80 Plus (Isaac Peral Class) Submarine and the F-110 Frigate Programs as well as on Navantia’s approach to Turkey’s last-minute decision to convert the Anadolu LHD into a UAV/UCAV carrier. We also took the opportunity to ask him about Navantia’s approach to the Turkish Navy’s TF-2000 Air Defense Warfare Destroyer and MILDEN Program as well as their goals and expectations for the Turkish market.

Date: Issue 110 - October 2021

Defence Turkey:  How do you see the global conventional submarine market developing into the near future? How does Navantia plan to continue its technological journey in the face of shrinking budgets at home and in the world?

Jose Manuel MONDEJAR: According to recent studies published by GlobalData, the global market for submarines will grow up to US$31.9 Billion within the next 10 years. Although a big part of this belongs to nuclear submarines, the conventional market is very interesting to continue investing some efforts in this business. It is remarkable how multiple countries have decided to create their submarine flotilla, others are in the process of renewing their boats or performing extensive upgrades and life extensions. Navantia is capable of delivering either the complete submarine (either built in Spain or through a transfer of technology program) or cutting-edge systems that could be fitted in those submarines. We can deliver our own developed mission critical systems, Integrated Combat System Core (ISCS), Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), Integrated Communications System and of course the BEST AIP.