Navigation Electronic Attack (EA) System (SEYMEN) Project Signed

Date: Issue 110 - October 2021

Within the scope of the Navigation Electronic Attack (ET) System (SEYMEN) Project signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and Meteksan Defense, the aim is to apply Electronic Attack (ET) to targets such as weapons, guided missiles, missiles, command and control systems and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) used in land, air and naval platforms. In this way, it will be ensured that these systems that may pose a threat are taken away from friendly elements by both confusing and intelligently deceiving them. The system offers a solution in which radar, electro-optic and electronic warfare elements are integrated on a military tactical vehicle and can operate in an integrated manner on a single shelter. SEYMEN will be able to confuse and deceive navigation systems in the same/different directions using multiple GPS simultaneously with high reliability. In addition, multiple systems will be able to perform coordinated tasks. The system will also incorporate the ability to record and analyze the GPS signal. The system is scheduled to be finalized and delivered in 27 months. With the project, the ability to deceive and confuse GPS systems will be acquired in the field of Electronic Warfare, and several elements that may pose a threat to the Turkish Armed Forces will be prevented.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of Defense Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR said, “As the Presidency of Defense Industries, we are starting our R&D activities today for future warfare technologies as well as meeting the current needs of our security forces. Electronic warfare systems have started to gain importance again with increasing multilateral tensions. The defense industries of the world's major countries, including Turkey, are developing electronic warfare systems and solutions. These systems enhance their abilities progressively, assume multiple functions and increase their cognitive abilities. Turkey's defense industry stands out with its solution diversity and innovation capability in this field. Having its own functional solutions in the field of Electronic Warfare and making it sustainable will bring advantages to Turkey in the field of defense.”