Netaş Fully Supports Local 4.5G Infrastructure with ULAK

Spearheading innovations in the field of telecommunications in Turkey for 50 years

Issue 74

Standing out with its R&D and innovation activities, Netaş continues in line with its vision to become the #1 systems integrator in the region. The company carries out major ICT and defense communications projects. As part of the ULAK project led by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Netaş developed the baseband unit of Turkey’s first local 4.5G base station in collaboration with Aselsan and Argela. ULAK will lay the groundwork and build a knowledge base for the 5G work in our country.

Expressing his pleasure from taking part in the development of the first locally developed base station by Turkish engineers using technology that only a few firms in the world have at their disposal, Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay commented:

“We are proud to be a member of the ULAK consortium, which will contribute greatly to Turkey’s development in all areas. We are developing the baseband unit of the ULAK 4.5G base station at Netaş laboratories. The project offers a major opportunity that will help a significant portion of the billions of US dollars kept in the national economy rather than spent abroad. In addition to being a national brand in the field of advanced technology, ULAK will also create a totally new market and allow for the emergence of global technology brands from our country.” 

ULAK received first orders!

First orders were placed for Turkey’s national 4.5G project at a signature ceremony was held on 27 February 2017 at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Ministry spokespeople, BTK, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, and operators signed the purchase order agreement. Each of the 3 operators in Turkey placed an order for 250 base stations, further strengthening commitment to take Turkey into the future in mobile communication.

C. Müjdat Altay commented on the first orders for ULAK: “Within the framework of our collaboration with the ULAK 4.5G base station, which will greatly benefit our country, we joined forces with Aselsan and Argela with a view to build Turkey’s digital future. At Netaş, we are further diversifying our joint efforts with telecom operators while bringing business intelligence projects to life as a technology producer. As a result of the 4G development work we launched using our own resources in 2008 just as 3G licenses were being issued in Turkey, we developed the Baseband Unit of the 4.5G product under the ULAK project in line with LTE-Advanced Version 11. We have recorded significant gains on 4.5G from the day we launched this project. Today, we have the most extensive 4.5G laboratory and most experienced 4.5G team in Turkey. We are leveraging our 4.5G knowledge and infrastructure to rapidly develop the 5G technology.  We hope the first order placed for ULAK will be a significant milestone. Hopefully, this step will also pave the way for Turkey’s 5G map.”

C. Müjdat Altay added that as a 5G Infrastructure Association member, Netaş was also elected as a board member of the European Technology Platform NetWorld2020, which was established with a view to shape the mobile and fixed communication systems of the future. Under the Turkish flag, Netaş continues its efforts together with the world’s foremost technology firms. 

First Test Conducted at Netaş Laboratory

ULAK’s Universal Service Utilization demonstration was held at the Netaş R&D Next Generation Communication Systems Laboratory in Kurtköy, Istanbul. ULAK Base Station aims to provide 4.5G service in Turkey’s most remote corners. Accordingly, ULAK’s Radio Access Network Sharing feature is of great importance to its usability under Universal Service. This feature was demonstrated on 15th of March at a session attended by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Mobile Operators Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone, and members of the ULAK Consortium. 

During the demonstration, Radio Access Network Sharing feature, which is essential to the use of ULAK’s Universal Service, was successfully used to render services to all three operators simultaneously on a single card. Thus, completion of the most important step in the use of ULAK Base Station in the Universal Service Network was observed and tested. 

Netaş Taking the Lead in the Development of Telecom and Defense Communications in Turkey

Since it was founded in 1967 with the goal of meeting Turkey’s communication needs through local development, Netaş has consistently spearheaded innovations in the field of telecommunications in Turkey for 50 years. The company established Turkey’s first private telecom R&D center in Turkey, where more than 700 engineers currently work. Netaş believes that R&D is a crucial factor that would allow Turkey to develop its own technology through genuine and local means, and views all R&D activities and gains as a “national cause.”

In addition to all its operations, Netaş also plays a major role in the modernization of the defense communications network to cater to the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. Designing high tech products for the Turkish Defense Industry, Netaş develops multi technology communication systems in line with world standards.  All solutions provided in this field are completely original and designed and developed by Netaş. 

Netaş’ defense solutions include various general purpose or application-specific military electronic and avionics system solutions, particularly strategic and tactical communication systems. Some of these also include IP/ATM/ISDM Switching and Routing Products that offer Tactical Field Network Solutions and end-to-end IP routing, ATM and Ethernet switching, ISDN and X.25 package switching data communication providing voice, data, and video communication.