Netaş Fully Supports Local 4.5G Infrastructure with ULAK

Spearheading innovations in the field of telecommunications in Turkey for 50 years

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

Standing out with its R&D and innovation activities, Netaş continues in line with its vision to become the #1 systems integrator in the region. The company carries out major ICT and defense communications projects. As part of the ULAK project led by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Netaş developed the baseband unit of Turkey’s first local 4.5G base station in collaboration with Aselsan and Argela. ULAK will lay the groundwork and build a knowledge base for the 5G work in our country.

Expressing his pleasure from taking part in the development of the first locally developed base station by Turkish engineers using technology that only a few firms in the world have at their disposal, Netaş CEO C. Müjdat Altay commented: