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Turkish Aerospace has been awarded three contracts by Airbus. The contract covers Airbus A350F Barrier Wall, A320 Family – Section 18/19 Joining, and A220 Center Mid Lower Fuselage Panels.

July 21, 2022

Turkish Aerospace will design, build and supply the Barrier Wall for the A350F, one of the latest editions for the large wide-body freighter to shape the future of airfreight and will supply A350F - Barrier Wall as the sole source throughout the entire program lifetime starting in 2024. Turkish Aerospace will perform the joining of the already produced S18 shells and S19 barrel. Turkish Aerospace therewith deliver half the rate of the complete Section 18/19 Structure for the A320 Family, the most successful aircraft family ever. In addition, Turkish Aerospace will build and deliver the Center Mid Lower Fuselage Panels of the A220 Family and will supply A220 - Center Mid Lower Fuselage Panels throughout the entire program starting in 2023.

Vice Chairman of Turkish Aerospace Ömer Cihad Vardan said: “We are glad to have signed such a great contract with our strategic partner Airbus. I believe that the two companies’ close industrial collaboration will support the A320, A350F, and A220 programs’ performance and affordability while furthering the longstanding relationship between Airbus and Turkey’s aerospace industry.“

Turkish Aerospace will continue to design, manufacture and deliver all programs with the highest performance and continue to be a long-lasting partner for Airbus. All activities for these work packages will be performed at Turkish Aerospace premises in Ankara-Turkey, where our company has been already contracted by Airbus to design, build and manufacture A350– Ailerons (D&B), A330 – Rudders (BtP), A320 - Section 19 Barrel (BtP) and A320 - Section 18 Shells (BtP) along with the supply of fuselage sections and control surfaces of various commercial/military aircraft platforms.