New Dimensions in Drone Applications LAPIS Aerospace Technologies

Moving in step with emerging technologies, Lapis Aerospace Technologies indigenous and national products are meeting requirements in Turkey’s defense industry and across sectors. In this interview we talk with Osman SEVGİ, Chairman of the Board – Lapis Aeorspace Technologies, discussing the company’s objective to maintain utilization of indigenous products and the future opportunities in developing rotating wing and VTOL unmanned flying systems and sub-systems.

Date: Issue 106 - May 2021

Defence Turkey: I’d like to start off our interview with an overview of Lapis Aerospace Technolgies. Could you briefly introduce the company and touch on the reasons why this company was established, its accompliments over the last five years, and to what extent have you achieved targets thus far? 

Osman SEVGİ: We believed we could provide much faster and particularly indigenous and national solutions in unmanned systems and air vehicles in our country both for the defense industry and civilian purposes. On that note, in 2015, we launched the journey of Lapis Aerospace Technologies. Since then, as a result of a process which focused mostly on R&D we developed our indigenous products at the İvedik Teknopark facilities in Ankara. We launched our production facility within the Ankara Organized Industrial Site (AOSB) for the manufacturing of our indigenous products which we produce via serial production. Throughout this process, we have never compromised on the targets we identified when we started our journey. Therefore, we can say that we fully achieved our targets at the point we have reached now. From now on, our target will be to strive to maintain the utilization of our products and meeting the requirements of our country. We trust our products and are able to provide any type of support necessary. I look forward to the days ahead as we build upon our sucesses.