New Era in Turkey and AgustaWestland Relations

Mr. Ross Kelly, Head of Re

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

Defence Turkey: Mr. Ross Kelly, you have taken up a position as Head of Region of AgustaWestland Turkey and as General Manager of the Ankara Office therefore we wish you great success in your new appointment. Could you please tell about yourself briefly?  

First of all I am very pleased to be working and living in Turkey as I have visited many times for business reasons in the past and now I am lucky to be able to spend much more time here for both business and leisure. For business I have the opportunity to use my experience to benefit both Turkey and AgustaWestland. I have been with AgustaWestland for over 20 years and I have visited many countries promoting all of our helicopters to Government customers. I have a lot of experience with industrial collaborations and technology transfer programs, this includes the AW101 helicopter with Kawasaki in Japan and the ATAK Program here in Turkey. I also have previously worked and lived in Italy and the USA. My first working experience was with the Royal Air Force as an Avionics Engineer so I also know very well the needs of the end user when it comes to supporting the helicopters so that they are available to fly.