New Era of Powerpack Development Programme for Altay Tank

The first signatures were made with the agreement reached between the following parties: Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and Tümosan, in the discussions having been held for some time, under the scope of

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Undersecretary for Defence Industries, Prof. İsmail Demir and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tümosan Mr. Nuri Albayrak and many distinguished guests attended the signing ceremony at the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries premises.

Prof. İsmail Demir, Defense Industry Undersecretary  making a speech at the ceremony, pointing out that they did not want any foreign dependency at the end of the Powerpack Development  Project said, “You can use as many foreign workers, perform information transfer within the project but we want an independent system as a whole with all its details”. Prof. İsmail Demir, mentioning that the needs of the armed forces are trying to be met using domestic possibilities related to the geographical position that Turkey is in, said that the period of purchasing from abroad directly is over and that it is time to end the dependency abroad with a very powerful will and to move on in this direction. He spoke as, “Within this framework, what we call motor, transmission, power system is one of the most important elements of the system platforms and we want to eliminate the dependency abroad within this framework. We are moving in this direction at high speed very fast and we are going to continue doing this in a more sharp and solid manner. We are determined to take any measures against this from now on. We will go to the end in this. “