New Generation Phased Array Digital Radars: “Digital Array Radar, Digital Beamforming”

Beamforming is defined as realization of beams with desired shape at desired angles.

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

In most of the existing conventional phased array radars, beamforming is performed by combining the signals received by the antenna elements across the aperture, after proper adjustment of amplitude and phase settings. In digital beamforming technique (Fig. 1), signals received from each channel (antenna element or subarray) are digitized using A/D converters. Multiple beams with different characteristics are obtained simultaneously by processing of these digital signals.

Using digital beamforming technique, system performance in detection, tracking, direction finding and classification is improved and multiple functions such as volume search, tracking, target identification, guidance or electronic protection is performed simultaneously. A system with similar properties can be realized in a more compact-form and cost efficiently with digital beamforming.