New Participation to Researcher/Postgraduate Training Program for Defence Industry (SAYP)

Issue 55

One more university joined the SAYP Program initiated in 2011 with the attendance of Undersecretary for Defence Industries Prof. İsmail Demir. A memorandum of understanding was signed by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, Roketsan and Abdullah Gül University and thus an important step towards encouraging the cooperation between industry and universities for meeting the researcher and qualified personnel requirements of the defence sector has been taken.

Researcher/Postgraduate Training Program for Industry (SAYP) was launched in order to restructure the ongoing or completed postgraduate thesis studies of the students registered to postgraduate programs in universities (“Researchers”) while being employed by defence industry companies in line with companies’ medium and long term research and development studies and convert these studies into guided projects to be implemented in the priority areas determined by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. A total of 18 projects covered in 13 contracts have been launched within the scope of SAYP as of June 2014.